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I\'m mulling through all of it
Hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm in the process of updating some of my older product icons and pictures. Please bear with me. There have been some changes made to my catalog. Some hairs have been hidden by request. The Pink Sugar Line is discontinued. The Phoenix line is almost completed, feel free to have a look at it. Requests are always welcome, and I will contact you when they are completed. OR you will be informed if I am unable to complete the request. Thank you and enjoy!
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These are just reminders to myself. If you are kind enough to buy one for me I send great thanks and a big hug!
[SMn] Angelic Doll[SMn] Dilara (R)[SMn] Josephine[SMn] Josephine BootsLoveStruck Vampire
Gold vine dress (white)(MI) Afrodita[SD]Utada O$O[7E] 100% Bundle[M.M] Shiraz Skin
(MI) Pirate G.A(MI) Native Queenspacerspacerspacer
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