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I would be glad to make anyone an avi pic. just send me a message, with the pics u want me to use, and a brief description of how u want it. They do cost a small fee of 100 credits. U can send them to me before i start, or after i've finished, i dont really mind :D

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Hey if any1 wants to get me a gift im fine with that lol my b'days in December!:D So if u get me a gift ill really appreciate it:)

-v- Tropical Fiesta 3-v- Spring Elegance-v- Cute Girl Wedges-v- Dark Affair-v- Blue Girl
-v- Dark Affair Red-v- Innocence[c] CC Wedge White<M> Black Tube Socks-v- Addictive Pink
::s dainty feet-v- Addictive BlackM| Black Lace Heels[bi]Endless Spring pinkBrun Barbra
Creme Brulee BarbraAuburn Aria Xmas Foxtrel*SC-Boudoir Corset Pure*SC-Boudoir Corset Xmas1*SC-Snugly Sweater White

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