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The best sister ever i love her and she will alway be in my heart and i miss her so and i will never for get her she was the best it was alway me and my sister i sure do wish she was here with us all had a great heart i love you sis 1971 to 2008

She will alway be in my heart and is my bestest friend she will never take a place of any one in my life love her with all my heart

ill allway have you in my heart hope you are in a great place and whiching over me i so miss you .ill allway love you. 9-19-2009 to 8-20-2012

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i heart IMVU stamps!

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FREE shit from free shit givers

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^v^Vampire Heart Designz^v^

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House of Harlot

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~The Dollhouse~

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Tinas Art

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