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Please leave a message. Nothing to say? Answer the most important of all questions...Coffee or tea?
COFFEE for me. I love all coffee! A Starbucks vanilla latte is my fave.

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These are a few of my favorite developers.
Take a few minutes to check out the talent!!

PCP is one of my fave room meshers. I use his products ALOT lol.

The pose king!! This man is the reason my av is so sexy!!

Her shiny metalic outfits are sooooooo Sexy!!!

AP furniture!!! Funky & Fun Meshes!

Great meshes!! So easy to work with! Awesome western furniture!

Bright colors!! Fun styles!!
Click to see more of Polystyrene's products!

Bliss' hair textures are amazing!!!
BlissNoire Banner
If you haven't seen her products you really have to!!!

Developers, check out her hair meshes!! They're fantastic!

A sweet brat with beautiful stickers!!!

My very good friend! Streeh has a crazy sense of humor!! He made my name sickers.

My best IMVU friend! She's a great dev!!

Great Derivables!!! dev's you have to check them out!
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I don't accept every buddy invite that comes my way, that I save for special people that I have gotten to know, like and respect.
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Special Someone
My wonderful husband of 6 years 7 in October.
Check out my Hubby's first products!!

Just Chill. arcticbreeze rooms & furniture.

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