Derivable Chair (sit animation)

This Product is for derivation purposes only, please do NOT purchase it.

If you wish to purchase a derived version of this product please check the list of items by clicking on the button saying "Derivations".

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Derivable Chair (sit animation)

Developers Information

Welcome to the Animated Derivable Chair, for a better view of the product please click on the "Try it" button.

Product Specification


List of textures and file size used in this product. Use only jpg files.

Material Name Image Size Opacity Name Mapping Type
256x512_chair_text* 256x512 NA UVW Map - download
Derivable Chair (sit animation)

*The uvw map is presented at 256x512px, but you can resize it to 128x256 and apply to your derivation of the chair.

Terms and Conditions

You are free to derive from this product. All the files needed to texture this product are available for download.

When you derive from this product, please make your product non derivable.