Belladonna - The name Belladonna means beautiful woman in Italian. With this avatar, there is no doubt that the name fits! This avatar comes with EVERYTHING shown below. This includes the following items exclusive to this avatar:

  • head (rescale of Head 1 by IMVU inc.)
  • hairstyle
  • eyebrows
  • eyes
  • bikini (enhanced bustline and smaller waist)
  • smaller feet

    as well as the Doll Face skintone also available seperately.

    In addition to all of this, this avatar features her own poses. While in a chat, your avatar will cycle through the poses, but you may also trigger 7 of these poses using the keywords shown below. Each of these triggered poses will revert back to the idle standing animation after a minute or so. (In other words, you won't need to remove your avatar in order to have it work again once you're done taking snapshots!)

    Please note this product is not an accessory or pose pack, but the actual avatar!

    Keywords: st1, st2, st3, st4, st5, st6, st7

    *All parts of this avatar (head, hair, eyes, eyebrows, skintone, clothing, and feet) can be changed without any problem. If you're not sure of this, please TRY IT!