Derivable Emo Spike Hair
This hair is a bit unusual I made it by just playing about & did not know what it would look like till it was finished best way to describe the mesh is BLOODY KOOL!!! it is has 6 textures in previewer so the compensations of hair colour are very easy to create and you will struggle to get two hair alike or put one texture in all 6 and you have one hair all the same colour I have made them with a opt but it is that busy the mesh I suggest you just have a play and see what great compensations you can come up with ... THIS IS FOR FEMALE AVI ONLY AND IS INTENDED FOR A DEV ITEM I HAVE PUT ONE TEXTURE ALL OVER THE MESH! HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THIS MESH!! DARKKNIGHT1981 PS do not make your items Derivable give me a shout if you wont anything special making


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