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Im tori. (: Im nothing special. I Love love love to take pictures. I take pictures of everything. Haha Its so so so much fun. but anyways.Im a down to earth person. I do what I feel is right. Make our conversations interesting. and fun. Talk talk your little heart out to me. [: Stuff about life. or people. or cupcakes. or something. If you bore me i will do my best to avoid you at all cost. People bore me easly. so please try not to. I like music. Who doesnt? I love fall out boy. My favorite band ever. Im open to lots of music. I like to try new things. Please Spell the words out please. Thank you.
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This boy is awsome. i can telll him anything. I can always count on him to be there for me no matter what time of day. [: haha. And of course im there for him. but if you hurt him im gonna have to slit some throats up in here.
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Shes mah twin sister Shes AWSOME :D Heh. We is really close...like she says tighter dan the skinny jeans. :) Shes alot of fun to talk to :) And i can talk to her about anything and everyhting.

Hes like the coolest person i know on here. Hes in love with Hillary Duff D= HEs there for me when i get hurt and need a hand =]. His names Rickieee xD lol Hes lots of fun. Gahh I dont know what Id do with out this fool. Hes one of my besties and i look up to hiim. Hes one of my heroes. lol wooo =]
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