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Now taking requests for the following hair colors:

Chinchilla (silver gray)
Chocolate Minx
Fennec Fox
Ice Neko
Kit Fox
Partee Pom
Pocky Colors*
Red Fox
Red Panda
Siberian Tiger
Silver Wolf/Minx (silver white)
(White) Arctic Wolf
White Tiger

Please provide the link to the hairstyle you wish, and what color you'd like. Leave a message on my home page with your request, and I will record it and make it relatively soon. If I've made hair in the past for the furset you'd like to match and it's not listed here, please request it anyway because I might have forgotten to list it.

I accept requests for both male and female hairstyles, and multi-part hairstyles as long as you provide links to all the parts. You do not need to have the links for the base meshes, I'll figure that out on my own.

Yes, fur tufts and ruffs do count as hair HOWEVER they will be made to match the fur rather than the hair color. This includes arm, leg, back, shoulder, chest, and wherever else fur tends to grow. Follow the same guideline as I've laid out for hair requests.

Since there is no charge for this service, there will be no deadlines, and you will need to purchase your request once it's available. I will try to message you with a link when it's ready, but I can be forgetful, so keep an eye on my catalog if you don't hear from me! Not all hairstyles look good with my textures, so there may be a few that I may not be able to create because I was not pleased with the end result.

*When requesting Pocky colors: After first determining your color choice, you will then need to indicate if you're matching a dark (with black) or light (with white) Pocky fur. Next, you need to choose between solid, streaked, tipped or (tiger) striped.

Pocky colors are: Berry (lavendar), Blueberry (blue), CinApple (red), Custard (yellow), Grape (purple), Orange Cream (orange), Pine Cream (aquamarine/teal), Strawberry (pink) and Wasabi (green).

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