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Avatar since: 2006-07-21
Age: 27
United States - OK
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"Even in these chains you can't stop me."

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im not the skinniest not the prettiest either. i cant always be what everyone wants or do as they please. my hairs never how i want it i cant stay still. i sometimes go quiet in thought for no reason. im really, really random especially when im hyper. i laugh and blush alot when im uncomfortable or nervous. im the biggest cluts known to this planet. and even though i have all these falts bad habits odd one of the most loving and caring person you'll prolly meet. i think of others first weither i know them or not i love making people happy. i live in my music and long for someone to care for me the way i care for them. i wana be thought of first and last. when they wake up and before they lay their head to rest. i wont lie to you if your not possible the one ill let you know and good friends and one love is all i want in life. trust me i wil not only pick you up i will carry you if you want me even if it kills me in the end i will take care of you...but whos going to pick me up and care for me when im falling for you? not a burden please dont take me as one! again i LIVE in my music!!!!
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Friendship
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Smokey LaylaIm Watching U HOEEEBlushing Candy TattedYeezus Layla TattedSammy Weaboo Anime
Tokyo Ghoul Tatted SammyIll Destroy U Hoe PinkSammy Candy Skull AliceSammy Snake RippedRealistic Dragon Tat
Zuko. + Full Body TatAriana-Break Free |D~SS; Panda Ears v3S; Panda Fur FS; Calico Ribbon
S; Panda HeadS; Panda Hair VinesS; Panda Mouth Bamboo v2S; Panda KiniS; Panda Body Vines
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Name :Meg
Nick Name :medz - meggie poo
Birthdate :march 26
Birthplace :ok.
Current Location :ok.
Eye Color :blue or green w/ hazel starburst round pupel
Hair Color :light brown?
Height :5'8
Weight :idk
Piercings :enough
Tatoos :later
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :yepperz
Vehicle :nope
Overused Phrase :guess/mayb
Food :fruit
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :park, pool?
Candy :mamba!
Number :7
Color :red, toxic green, purple
Animal :snake? or anything fluffy!
Drink :depends
Body Part on Opposite sex :eyez and um...
Perfume :yes thank u!
TV Show :oldies
Music Album :all
Movie :nightmare b4 christmas!
Actor/Actress :me...
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :volka!
McDonalds or BurgerKing :icky
Chocolate or Vanillastrawberry...
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :chocolate!
Kiss or Hug :both!
Dog or Cat :puppy
Rap or Punk :heavy metal rap?
Summer or Winter :winter (cuddle weather!)
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :scary! peek >.e
Love or Money :love love love love@
Bedtime :weneva i drop
Most Missed Memory :old places with fam
Best phyiscal feature :um..eyez titz idk!
First Thought Waking Up :"lookz 2 empty side bed"damn nother dream!
Ambition :umm pass
Best Friends :keisha bear and nate baby!
Weakness :sporkz
Fears :dollz...shut up
Longest relationship :ova a year
Cheated Your Partner :duh neva cheatd playn battleship b4? haha jk nope
Ever been beaten up :nope
Ever beaten someone up :umm...oopz
Ever Shoplifted :not really
Ever Skinny Dipped :haha yeah about that
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :yeah no biggy
Been Dumped Lately :nope neva been!
Favorite Eye Color :color dnt matta just what u c n em!
Favorite Hair Color :brown/black
Short or Long :dependz
Height :mine or taller
Style :their own
Looks or Personality :both
Hot or Cuteboth
Muscular or Really Skinny :idc!
What country do you want to Visit :idc good right here
How do you want to Die :worry bout that wen get there
Been to the Mall Lately :nope
Get along with your Parents :eh
Health Freak :nope just happen 2 like healthy thingz
Do you think your Attractive :you tell me
Believe in Yourself :3 do...?
Want to go to College :idk
Do you Smoke :nt really
Do you Drink :um...
Shower Daily :yep!
Been in Love :2 niave 2 decide yet
Do you Sing :yes!
Want to get Married :nt 2 u mister ?! haha yeah
Do you want Children :mayb
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :wana or hav?
Hate anyone :yeah that damn rabbit took my trix!
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