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Avatar since: 2006-04-01
Age: 39
United States - MO
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"Loves the delete and ban button.. it's like knocking someone off, except you don't get the jail time"

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Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Other
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IDGAF SocksSexy BootsNice hair with hat*S* AHS ZOE | Hair/Hat$ Top+Skirt | FullOutfit
OUTFITCute Outfit[D] GINA OUTFIT ( L )Reina BlackDimitra K Z Mesh Head
Marcela K Z Mesh HeadTalia K J MHMIRU | Anime tearsMIRU | Kickin' Back RLLMIRU | Ayane - Pedicure
C | Yumi - Dahlia[C]Dream Caramel 1❥ Jazi Jeans. T/M.RLL! Something Jeans.RLL! Denim Drees.
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[PN]Onyx Ryoko v2[PN]Onyx Vicky[PN] Onyx Scarlet
[PN] Onyx Shakira[PN]Onyx RockboyOnyx Yakuza

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