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The number of different IMVU people is just as varied as the real world. The IMVU people page gives you an option to search out kindred spirits and connect with new people. You can search by location, gender, age and even current relationship. You can browse through the pics of new people and start connecting. Through the use of avatars, people can create another identity that is available only through the online world. Various types of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles give people an almost endless way to create their new alter ego.

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DeMo.wear Th3LoRdMiDo-[Dark Zone] Devilishly Devious Devices LSoH Mall of Oddities SDJS PRODUCTIONS Badge of the Illidari LaceMary


"A saint can always be turned into a sinner."

  United States - AZ

Avatar since 01/22/2009
.Wifi Is Love. CuTiEPiE 8 18+ ..Thorns on Every Rose..Waiting for your Kiss to take me back home...Hold me like you held on to life..when all fears came alive and entombed me...Love Me like you Love the Sun Scorching the Blood in my Vampire Heart.. bratty Dangerous. Cutie


"(Only 1 Bestie😆 Tinkerpink ) (I have kids)👈☺️ Married to the money 💰 "

  23, United States - PA

Avatar since 11/22/2017
I love my Sis I love my Kids Help Me Unwind! Heartbeat ANIM Purple Lava Lamp Exclusive Wreath For Him Do You Love Me? Pink Ice Cream Badge II


"dont try to take my tp"

  46, Female, United States

Avatar since 04/08/2017


"Sincero directo 💯 No juegues con fuego si no te quieres quemar⚠️"


Avatar since 03/04/2018
Valentines 2019 Badge Get Lucky Find Eggs Shop My Catalog Halloween Mystery 2


"Edit for a gift same price regardless of person🎥💯 Add me on insta"

  Male, Nigeria

Avatar since 08/28/2018


"내 곁에 있어줘"

  18, Female, Korea, Republic of

Avatar since 06/15/2015

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