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ParaDaise represent the ideas and creativity of Pararegt and Daise2. A partnership formed in 2010, ParaDaise represents a range of products from the fun and frivolous, to products of Quality, Elegance and Sensuality. Between Pararegt and Daise2 and our other developing partners, Para9Ind and DaiseAllure, we can offer you custom made rooms and furniture, a complete bespoke service to enhance your IMVU experience. ParaDaise also offer a very unique and personalised Wedding Planning Service. We custom make your day to be one of a kind and original, and we can offer you everything from organising your bachelor/bachelorette parties to the pastor service with personalised vows.

To browse our products, please click on our banners. For badge collectors, our badges can be found on both our homepages. Para and Daise would both like to thank you for visiting our home pages and for supporting our products. We appreciate our loyal and supportive customers and would like to especially thank those of you who display our banners in your rooms. Anyone wishing to display our banners, please contact us via the Message button.
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