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Muse software is a project established by a number of users and developers / creators on IMVU to bring you software which you may find of use. We are developing a number of pieces of software, which we do hope you will find useful.

Catalogue Muse

The purpose of Catalogue Muse is to make the production of Product Pictures and Thumbnails easier, with possibly the clearest zoom factor ever seen on a FREE piece of software!

Please take a look at the example video below for a sneak peak at what this amazing software will do!

Available Now!

We will also be working on a number of other pieces of software so be sure to check back.

Thank you.

The Muses

Catalogue Muse English Video

Catalogue Muse Espaniol / Spanish Video

Thank you GothicGarden for providing the translated video.
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Download Catalogue Muse.

Over 2,000 Downloads!

Tendertouch01 - This program is one of my very favorites!!! I use it all the time and am pushing all my friends in this direction. Why have funny looking icons when you don't have to? Thanks for such a good product!!!

RaevshiDarkken - I absolutely love your software! I share it with every developer and graphic designer there is on IMVU. This little program has made things so much easier for me and made making product pictures so much less of a hassle THANK YOU!

MasterDracon2007 - real good work i like it.

MommaWarnedYou - 'Tis truly a wondrous program. I shall have to try my hand at it this weekend while my Mistress is away :)

ATsvSDvLight - Very wonderful program for even the newest of developers. i found it was so easy to use ..i love it. Thank you all for bringing this to imvu

theoneLADYJO - this software is so totally cool...to see the features I know it will help me out big time with my deving!! I cant wait to really use it

Puppy - NO WAY!! Omg I was thinking of an idea like this in my head, like yesterday! Of how it could be possible to speed up the process. This is amazing I cant wait to see how this program updates!

Bizzy - Nice piece of software, it will really help the create process


AleskaDiam0nd - Its a great software!!

oOmagpieOo - wow that sounds like a great tool. I will def try it out soon.

RinisakiMonogatari - Wonderful program your creating...hope it comes available soon as it would be most useful in the dev world. ^_^ ~ Rinisaki

VirtualPAMELAxxx, I have downloaded it and even got it to work. I will practise with it today and see what I can do. I was able to upload my pics to it and zoom them in and save to my puter. Its awesome. Take care

genies7 - U have my support - big hugssssss - i absolutely love wat u guys do - ur group is an inspiration to me - will spread the word as always :) ty for banner

Ale - Its a great software!!

RinisakiMonogatari - Awesome! Thank You sooo Much! This will help me out alot with my deving... Thanks Again!

GothicGarden - Congrats on the creation of this, im sure many of us will find it handy :) dutch asked me to put it up in NocturnalEmbassy my contest group so I came here for a nosey and will be downloading shortly :)

Guiscard - Hi Sintek, thanks for Catalog Muse. I downloaded the program, so I'm anxious to give it a whirl, just haven't had the time yet. Have a great weekend!

EnglishTeaLady - I have tried it now. I downloaded it, it excellent! hopefully it will save a lot of time. Thanks for the effort you & the makers etc put into it.

JRichelle - Hi, Sin. Loving Muse! I'd like to have your flash sticker for my hp please. Thank you very much!

belladonna - Thank you so much for making the muse software and posting it in the NE (Nocturnal Embassy) group. I'm new at Developing/Editing and I've been struggling a bit with the clarity of my icon images. I've tried a few programs but none of them offer the clarity that yours does. I will be using this as I start to develop more and more.

genies7 - TY Yes got upgrade of catalog muse - love it!!!! Thanks to everyone for ur hard work~!

Pinx - "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I AM VERY HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LadyEBK - Thank you for this really I'm finally getting some icons and pages done. Very easy to streamline when you have tons of products to do.

Cie - True enough; most of the time it's a bad idea to trust programs that are not released officially by IMVU. Though this one seems harmless enough;

TiggsI - Your more than welcome. Its an excellent programme and hopefully it will aid everyone in reducing their work being stolen as well as making life for the developer faster and easier. Many thanks to you all for its production

XPsychoBarbieX - Hello there just downloaded catalogue Muse and i love it soo much would love a flash banner to support it on my page :) thanks -Psycho

RinisakiMonogatari - Very Happy Personally I love it that you have created this program for everyone to use. I use my other software to do certain things to the pictures and then use the Muse Software for my Icons as it makes it so much simpler now. I am looking forward to the update for the 800x600 size as that is the size I normally use for my pics. I would like to Thank Each and Everyone of You that worked very hard to make this program and continue the improvements... idc what other ppl think, but in my opinion I love it and will continue to use it. It is a valuable asset to us developers and saves alot of time as to where before it took me forever trying to get everything done. ......THANK YOU! Keep up the awesome work ya'll ~rini

windinthewillows - I just started using this a couple of days ago and I just want to say THANK YOU, my icons and prod pics I believe are a 100% better. I use to spend so much time trying to resize things to make them look good, now they looking so much better. Idea Can hardly wait for the update to see whats new.

3xquizit - Download to see how it works... played around with it and discovered that I LOVE IT!!.....found a new toy lol..thanks

MrRealRockon - thanks to the team who has created such nice program it keeps your image quality same after re-size which is really rare. i have used a lot of programs to re-size pictures but never got such grate results.

Dirili - It's so impressive, the kind of stuff you can make! I can't even imagine how you do it. Way beyond my scope of skills.

PoisonedCherries - Hi Sintek, I'm PC, one of Kittens friends. one quick thing I have to say. lol WHY AREN'T YOU THE ONE WORKING WITH IMVU TO BUILD THIS STUFF?! I downloaded the Catalog Muse and I absolutely LOVE it!... It makes developing so much easier to have everything and get it put together. I'm not sure how many others have tried this program, BUT THEY SHOULD! I love it! Thank you so much for allowing us all to use it and thank you tons to everyone who worked hard with you putting this together.

PrincessParo - Ty ! I have downloaded muse software ! wonderful

RaevshiDarkken - This is amazing software! Thank you soooo much for making available to everyone for free!!!
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