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mondishay  VIP Club Member
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Age: 33
United States - GA
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you only get what you give
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship

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I have you now,, muahahahaha..;o/

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hobbies change , locations change , but 2 things never change TEARS WHEN YOU ARE ALONE and Promising Yourself you'll be stronger .
save the drama for your therapist :P .
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!T! Halloween Road!R! Halloween Cabinx Anime Leslie Head~Oriental HeaD~Gold Belt
ϟ Psychedelic☯ Freckles.Perrier NecklacePerrier Ear/Bracelet SetPerrier Shoes
Perrier Gown*L*Seylian[Sx]Leopard Black[Sx]G@udi@ Boots[Sx]G@udi@ Dress
X-Mas sparkle Gold TreeHart BraceletHart EarringsAmbalyn  Earringsspacer
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objective ,,fun.... ratio....1 on 1,,,, silence is a beauty weapon..:p
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fairy mint updo hairmint green updo hairjet hadley hair
ellison bright hairbrite  short dressheart charm necklace
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