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Right, so hi. My name's Ness. I am 19 years old.
Currently residing / from Europe.

I'm an artist / Graphic Designer.
I make homepages / code, layouts, product pages, icons, badges and display pictures / art
Yeesh, it's crazy for one person to be this talented aye? (joke)

I'm offering my services on my website www.mamistry.com.

Please visit my website and see what I have to offer before DMing me
. Lots and lots of different (premade dps), custom requests, badges, icons and so on.
For you to be able to build your own business and brand on IMVU.
If there's anything you want to ask, i'm always happy to answer and help!

Grab badges and have a great day!

Contrary to my slideshow, I am currently not taking credits as payment!
Visit website for further details! I promise it's worth it. www.mamistry.com
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