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Please call me Loudi.
I am 27 years old & a proud
I'm a
Daughter, Wifey, Mommie.
Artist. Creator. Furry.

If you get offended easily then please get the hell off of my profile.
I'm so tired of getting rude messages in my inbox, you will be blocked!!
I rarely ever accept chat invites, friend requests, etc because of this reason.
RL & IMVU Always Kept Separate.

I am on IMVU for creating purposes.

Pro Creator On IMVU.

As of 02/26/2019
Requests are closed.
Customs are closed.

Digital Artist.
Photomanipulation is my favorite.
Digital Paintings.
Layout Designer.
HTML Coding.

You may find my Artwork Instagram & RL Pics here c:

My whole hearttttt.
My beyond wonderful RL husband of five years.
We met online once upon a time & meeting you in Pet Smart
was the best decision ever.
I'm one blessed woman to have you in my life!
♥ p.ร. ¡ ℓഠvε ყഠนนนน.

My beautiful RL Momma.
I can never thank you enough for all that you do.
You may be my momma but you're far more than that.
I'm so proud to be so close to you,
You're my bestfriend!
♥ p.ร. ¡ ℓഠvε ყഠน.

Go Visit Her Shop
LadySugaa's Catalog
She's truly amazing!

Proud Mommie IRL.
Mommie to our little dinosaur & bunny.
Angel mommie of three.

Please reach out to those who have had miscarriages in their real lives.
It is an extremely hard time to go through
& everyone deserves an amazing support system!

I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.
Some may come & go...
But you ladies are wonderful.

♥ Susie
♥ Michayla
♥ Brenna

You're one of the sweetest i've ever met on here.
We've been through a lot of ups & downs.
But in the end our friendship is just as strong as ever!!
You know that i'll always be here no matter what.
Thank you for everythingggg.

ttfn c:

February 2019 Update;

Due to real life situations;
Homeschooling my children, remodeling our home, etc.
I have not been able to get online not near as much.
Please be patient as I get back to messages. c:
xoxo :3

Only accepting add requests from Creators atm, sorry. ♥

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