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♥ Twenty-six years old.
♥ Texas girl born & raised.
♥ Happily married.

♥ I am mainly on IMVU for creating purposes.
(any rude/hateful messages & you are blocked)

If you came here in search of customs;
They're currently closed,
Unless if you'd like an art piece such as those found on my
Instagram @ loud.illusions

NOOO, I do not do anything for free.
If you have any further questions please DM me.

LadySugaa is my real life mom.
Please go check out
her artwork, shop & featured pose rooms.
She's seriously amazing. ♥

Casey is my beyond wonderful hubby.
We met online once upon a time
& now have been married for five chaotic years.
We also have the most perfect family everrrr.

Angel Mommie ♥♥♥

Susie, my bestfriend on here.
You are by far one of the most sweetest i've met,
& I am so proud to call you my friend! ♥

is something that makes you breathe
with a different kind of happiness.

All Customs & Requests Are Currently

C L O S E D.

I have been a graphic artist
for thirteen years.
HTML coding & layout design
for nine years.
I've only been creating on IMVU for three.
Digital painting for two years.

My L♥vebugs

♥ AJ's
♥ Sugaa
♥ Casey
♥ Shay
♥ Susie
♥ Dolly

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