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IMVU Tutorials & Profile Page Kits

In the past, I've showcased and linked to these right on my page. The list has grown too large, though! So bear with me, and I'll soon have a link or two up that will let you grab everything you need - and a whole bunch of new stuff for those who've been following along!

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About My Outfits:

My Outfits consist of showcases that correspond to specific products I've designed. They also give credit where due to other talented designers whose work I've used.

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Important Notice About My Groups:

  • I'm extremely picky about joining groups that I can actually be active in.
  • I will not join any gaming - related groups ... no offense, sincerely, I simply don't have time.
  • Please PM me before inviting me to a group. I'd like to do my research first.
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About My Wishlist:

The products in my wishlist are there for one reason and one only: to show off what I make for all of you :)

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