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This is the homepage of the Darkness that consumes me Click the (X) if your afraid of the Darkness that consumed me long ago...
Since you stuck around Welcome to my homepage my name is Emi i let the Darkness consume me long ago it took over my life and if you hurt my family or friends ill make sure it takes over yours as well the happiness will disappear into your body and the darkness of your soul will come out everything you hide deep down will consume everything i know it sounds horrible so dont hurt anyone i love or you will regret it i promise you
I love my RL kids alot Levi my son lives with his grandparents and a Daughter im fighting for.---------------------------------------Moms----Ru3----Winter/Starr-------Dad-----DjA3shmaSHIELDZDOMES---------Sisters----Kara----Saph----Zoe----------Brothers----Johnathan----------------Aunties----Sweets----TT------------Uncles-----Tiger-----------
for the next person that takes my heart forever
-------------------------------------------------Check out my shops----------------------------------DJToxicDoll----
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