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If you can't love me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best.
My name is Loni. Some people like me some hate me... that is all up to you. I am an honest straight to the point kinda bitch. I do not sugar coat shit and would like the same kind of respect. I have a small circle however if you mess with them you mess with me. It took them a longtime to get in as deep as they are so you will have to go through me to take them from me. Some people are blessed to have one bestfriend. Me God gave me a few. He has sent me lessons to learn and people to teach me my strenghths Anything you ever want to know ask ... I love to create and am willing to TRY anything once. So feel free to message about that as well.... Unless noted I do my own display pics aswell.. Have a great day ya'll.
Family means more to me than I could even explain. I have 5 sons irl and a demonic squad on here. My Girls Corrina, Nikki, Jen, Amber, and sons Arthur, Chris, Jessie, Marley and Tony. I have My Twinneh Spunkie and my many brothers and sisters. The ones I am closest to are my Sisseh Erin and my Bubba Jay. I love my family on IMVU as if they were my rl family. Sometimes even more cause I think my rl has blood thinners anyway. Hehehe
Alot of the people in my life have been here since the beginning and I appreciate all those bonds I have made. Some have come and gone however I think I am doing pretty good with the cirlce I got. I still have some people I think of as kids of my own such as Hannabear and my Neicey Maria.
The love of my life is not only my Imvu husband he is my real life man and baby daddy... We met here many years ago and he stalked me til I said yes. Everything moved so fast and before I knew it he was living w me and I got pregnant. I wouldn't change any of it for the world even though he is a pain in my ass ( as I am in his ) and I would like a few adjustments. No relationship is perfect however our love story is my favorite. 03/17/2015 - ????
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