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No love for stupid room rules like Girls Only.
Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Friendship


commissions for private items closed at this time Until I can get more public items in my catologe, if you have already ordered a private item it will be made and delivered to you if you paid. If I missed your's send me a PM and I will go over what I have on record. REMINDER I DO NOT DO PRIVATE ROOMS/FURNITURE ITEMS Only avi items.
Rooms and furniture items are too expensive to do private for a small developer like me. only vip investors like THOTH will be allowed that privilege.
My commissions ledger got nailed by water damage and part of it it unreadable so I am sorry if I was unable to complete it in a timely manner.
Known Private Item commissions to be completed
*DJ DarkWolf's hodde (Paid for)

Do you own one of my product's, notice something different? All my IMVU items are undergoing personal review and texture updates. this is akin to Patching a MMO like world of warcraft or other like them only you get the benefits of a more refined product.

The flowing will undergo full texture updates but will maintain similar Ideal/colors: MechGirl, Victorian Pink Princess, Victorian Pink Hat.

All other products and pages will be undergoing updates, there are no updates to the eyebrows.

Creator Mode

When I'm in Creator mode on chat You will usually find me in Devil's Den, The rules specify that you respect others and restrict yore KB to under 2500, this means that if I ask you to lower you're KB you will lower you're KB.

I may not always be developing sometimes I may be working on comics or CafePress designs; I do allot of art so I may not even be doing digital artwork all developer mode means to me is that I am unable to handle multiple chats at once.

all My Drevables listed on imvuDERIVABLES.com - your source for derivable IMVU meshes
It may take a while for a derviable item to be listed. My Drevables and bundles are also Labeled on the avi.

Request an Item

I am sorry for my inability to finish current projects with hoards of spam and other dramatic events happening as well as IMVU being fat at the moment I am temporarily unable to complete the projects on my list but I promise to get to it as soon as possible

~~Please note~~

Ignoring my relationship status will only hurt you. If I am looking I will find you; stop using the random chat as an excuse.

My Wish List
[S] PinkedLaced PantsPhantom's Trousers ~LCVictorian Top[YK] Victorian Suit SP
Royal Victorian Goth TopB! PVC Ankle ShacklesK. Reclaimed Tv Standspacerspacer
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