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Wow... it's been 3 years since this beautiful lady and I met. Regardless of the time that goes between us talking, she will forever be my best friend. I love you Lucy.
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October 19, 2009

Below you will find four images that show support for Premature babies. This is a subject that touches my heart strongly. I have three nephews... all three born premature. Two have been strong enough to make it... Joshy just celebrated his 4th birthday and Joey recently turned 1. I'm so very proud of the accomplishments we've made in the past few years!

Anyways, the ribbons below are for purchase. If you purchase them using REAL credits (not ones you won with the spin game or by visiting the new products page) then half of those REAL credits will be resold. The money from those resold credits will be donated to walk for babies (there is a link further down my page).

Thank you for your support!


fun, married, Gemini, One Child
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