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Welcome to the Magic

Creating for IMVU since 2007

Iracnia7 Designer collection
for long gowns, photoreal textures, for that elegant party evening touch.

Iracnia7 Fantasy Collection
for all the imaginative dreamy looks you love, elven, fae, and silks.

Iracnia7 Sleek Collection
for casual and clubwear, short sexy and unique.

*I7DC* Cocktails at Dawn*I7DC* Adel Gown Royal*I7DC* Adel Gown Sky Blu*I7* Cool Cotton*I7MW* Toga Blue*I7FC* Dream Softly
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Welcome to the Magic
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I do take requests, with the following guidelines.

Requests for re-colours or re-shapes of existing outfits by me, will always be accepted if possible. These will be created on my Iracnia7Xtra account.

Requests for new unique outfits will be considered, if they fit with my existing catalog in style, and if you send me a link to a good quality picture of the item.

No requests for hidden items, no requests for items that do not fit with my existing creations. Thank you :D

~Dancing ~Art ~Literature ~Poetry ~Good Conversation ~Uniqueness ~Honesty ~Integrity ~Creating

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