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They say thy silence is golden, but thy toungue is silvered...
Right, so, mostly I only get on IMVU to make stuff. Some people like my stuff? I don't get it, really, but there you go.

Do I have a badge, and can I give it to you? No, I'm sorry, I haven't made any badges.

Do I take requests? Sometimes. It depends on if I have time and I think I can actually make what you ask for. The deal usually is, if I make the item you requested, you don't have to pay me anything extra, I just put it up in the catalogue and then you buy it. If you really want something exclusive, we can work out another arrangement.

Can I change the color of an item already in my catalogue? Most of the time, yes. That's actually pretty easy.

If you have any other questions, or you want to make a request, leave me a message! :D
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