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Age: 30
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"If you only knew what my heart goes through for you..."

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Hello. Welcome to my homepage. If you'd like to get to know me better feel free to add me as a friend! :) I'll try to respond to messages, but if I take awhile forgive me <3 I still love you but being a nerdy Engineering student my life is insanely busy!~~~~~~~~~~ Hey friends!!! I'm alive :D still, actually I always was alive somehow life just got way too carried away and I 'imvu' died. Also because I couldn't download imvu on my laptop until tonight. So I'm definitely going to be on here a few times a week atleast. :D I miss all my imvu friends soooo much so my mission for the next little while is to meet new imvu friends and try to get in touch with my old ones. :-) Let's hope that mission is successful!
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A huge thanks to anyone who ever gets me something Kisses for you I love the gifts and I make sure that I wear everything I have because I appreciate it so much, and I seem to have issues with keeping the same outfit on for more than 4.65 minutes. I love to change them. :D Anyways Thank you very much *hugs* Also I know there is alot on here, I just put things that I want to buy in the future so please don't feel any gifts are expected. <3
ColorSoft|RainieDolly-Sexy StrawberrySilkyDip Top Knot Loose*L* Shorties with Bows[Night] Blush Bundle
Denim Shorts ~Sh~White Shorts ~Sh~fl| high rise athena.Blue Denim Shorts!!!B Jean Shorts SM
Vintage Pumps~A: Shoes " a pois "~A: New'Top " a pois "[AE] Ash-Blonde Catrina[AE] Vivid Pink Boots
{e}new tricks 2[CAN]137Modern bedroom!LA Elegant Home*~Temptation to loftspacer
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Thank you to all for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or just friendly messages, they are appreciated. Thank you Oo and leave me hugs! Those are lovely too And they will be reciprocated... <3

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