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Welcome welcome to my hooomepage!

WARNING! I highly recommend you to view this homepage on PC/Laptop version.

Mobile version don't work fit on this one.

Aaanyways, Aloha! My little stalkers. <3

I hope that you enjoy to have a look around and also getting know a little about me!

Feel free to buy my products to support a little or gift from my wishlist if you feel very generous.

I really appreciated that very much! If you do, thank you very much! I come online to chill and creating.

About me!

My name is Lexi and I born deaf means I can't hear anything unless I wear hearing aids.

How old am I? Age: Infinity. However I'm old enough. xD

Orientation: I'm very proud to be Non-Binary and Pansexual. If you don't know what it means, google it :)

Apperance: Hmm, well I can just describe in a simple way. I have a short hair (I also love long hair but it's so annoyed for me to have one), natural black hair and have boooring dark brown eyes.

Video games is my life because it help me to escape this reality. So yeah I play really a LOT.

Wonder what kind of games I play? at first, I'm a ZOMBIE HUNTER. I love killing zombies. xD I also play League of Legends since 2013.

Art is one of my talents all my life, I had been drawing since my childhood. Sadly, I lost this talent recently however I just draw for fun. It make me happy which is good enough for me. Just enjoy every small moments. c:

About Special Someone

Love is all equal. My Only one Waifu, Lapis Lazuli. What? A gemstone??

No, she's a fictional character from Steven Universe (Cartoon Network) and I simp a lot about her. xD

I used to believe in true love so strong and now? it is simply means nothing. I meant that it was long gone for me and also I believe friendship is almost ALWAYS fade away. Make sure to cherish it before it's gone forever.

You meant real one? I have a girlfriend? A boyfriend? Well I prefer to keep it private.

Keep living FREELY!

Friends? What is a friendship? Really?

Since I'm not big fan of making new friends. I just come, chill and have fun.

IMVU friends? Internet friends is a great feeling.

For now, I feel very close to this young woman named bellla890 and I call her Nini.

We only met recent. She is a great friend and I truly feel very comfortable to be around her and we can talk about anything. I had pretty good times and it was really great to be back on IMVU again. Thank you Nini! ♥ :3

I joined IMVU amazing family named Misfits. They all are nice people and I'm very glad to be a part of this family.

P.S I have very few friends in real life and I call them for short names. K and B. They are good brothers to me.

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day. Cheers :)
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