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Welcome everyone to IMVU’s NEWEST OutfitContest! iHeart is an un-edited outfit challenge that runs once each month. All entries are GA. Open to anyone who loves to dress up and compete with others. NO GUEST_ACCOUNTS. To begin, please read the rules and copy/paste the code below to share our banner to your homepage. For detailed instructions on how to display the banner CLICK HERE .

Get involved! There are positions available for sponsoring and judging. We would love to have you! Also, IMVU creators can advertise their shop. A 450x100 size version of your banner will be posted on our home page. Please send a message to learn how!

Please donate. Whether it is a one-time lump sum or a smaller monthly amount, all contributions are SO helpful.

**Anyone who donates will get an exclusive hidden badge.**

All funds will go to Gifts and Prizes. Thank You for your Support and Membership!

All donations send to: iHeartOutfitContest

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Contest Theme: HOLIDAY RED & GREEN
OPENS: December 23rd 2017 00:00 AM US PST
CLOSES: December 30th 2017 00:00 AM US PST
(4 contests in December 2017)

1st Place: 10,000 + 1st place stamp + exclusive badge
2nd Place: 7,000 + 2nd place stamp + exclusive badge
3rd Place: 3,000 + 3rd place stamp + exclusive badge
FINALISTS: Finalist Stamp + Badge from homepage


1. iHeartOutfitContest accepts only UN-EDITED GA entries - NO GUEST_ACCOUNTS _______________________________________________________________________________
2. All recycled entries will be removed. Your outfit entry must be freshly made and not used for other contests.
3. This contest is open to all ages. Do not violate Terms Of Service. Nothing sexually explicit or extremely violent.
4. Do not have anything that would obstruct clear view of your avatar. Enhancers are welcome, but remember the outfit should be the main focus. _______________________________________________________________________________
5. Your entry must be an outfit submitted through our Outfits Submission System. Save your outfit and be sure that it is set PUBLIC. To enter the contest, click on the button "ENTER CONTEST" button on our page. You should then see a menu where you can select your outfit that you want to enter, and a button to submit it. After entering the contest, you may set your outfit private.
6. You must display our iHeartOutfitContest Banner on your homepage for the duration of the contest. Do not obstruct the banner with stickers If you can't keep it on display on your home page, in few cases some put their banner inside a scroll panel or under another tab but please keep in visible near the top. otherwise you will be disqualified. _______________________________________________________________________________
7.Only one entry per household. Only one ip address allowed. Our system helps to prevent cheating. Once your entry is submitted, you can not change it. _______________________________________________________________________________
8. Your homepage must not be set private. Finalists who cannot be contacted will be disqualified. We cannot award you a prize if we cannot contact you. _______________________________________________________________________________
9. Grant of Rights: by submitting your entry, you grant us the right to display your entry credited to your avatar name.
10. Keep your communication civil. If you have a grievance, please feel free to talk with us. Sending rude messages will not resolve your issues. Anyone who continues to hurt others with their words will be permanently banned. _______________________________________________________________________________
11. The top 3 winners will not be allowed to win top 3 spot in the next contest. This allows all other contestants to have a fair chance at winning, with no single person dominating each month. After the next contest has passed you may win top 3 spots again. _______________________________________________________________________________
12. You must own every item in your outfit. Images taken from Try-It Mode or Shopping-Mode will be rejected. All items must be from your inventory. _______________________________________________________________________________
13.Be original. Only worthy entries are accepted. Use a background! Entries with Dressing Room backgrounds will be rejected. Off theme entries will be rejected. Entries copied from other contestants will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject your submission for any reason. Rules are subject to change if further adjustments are required. _______________________________________________________________________________
14. Add a title to your outfit. Your entry needs a title on theme.

If you have any other questions you can read our FAQ’s in our group HERE.



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