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"Wishlist 10 iBAEi Products for a random gift in July- Msg me saying U added 10 items. Begging=Block"

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My name is Rebecca, I'm Engaged (We met on IMVU in 2016) and from Washington State. I suffered a Traumatic Brian injury in 2003 and I create very slowly due to the injury. However, I do put my heart, talent and best efforts into every product I create. I have been an IMVU member for over 13 years and seriously creating for 5 years. I would love to become a PRO creator! If you like my products, please help me achieve that goal by making a purchase/purchases from my shop or referring friends & family! Every little bit helps. I am so thankful for all my customers, I appreciate & value you. Thanks for being amazing!


In the online world of IMVU, TRUE friends are few and far between. I have met some wonderful people here, people I love to talk to, learn from and associate with. They know who they are & they know they are loved!
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