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United States - AZ
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"Okay...Okay..I Take It Back...NO wait.. FUCK You"

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Hi everyone. I thought giving you a peek
into what makes me...ME was in order.
My name is Jessica, I live in Henderson Nv.usa.
Which is about 10 mins from the Vegas Strip.. :D
I have brown hair w/blonde highlights, brown eyes.
I'm about 5'5. I'm 28. I have 5 tattoos 3 of
which are dolphins, I also have a tongue ring.
I like all kinds of music, alot of the new
and some of the old. I have been married for
four years now,to a man I do Love.. lol
the ass that he is. lmao! Check out his page
GSXR687 . Now don't let this
stop you from leaving a message or chatting.
I am a Leo after all. Yay!
If you haven't chatted with me..let me give you
a warning...hehe I'm such a I tend to
get silly and sometimes crazy, but always fun!
Those who know me have come to Love me!!!
I try to live life to the fullest, one day
at a time, remembering that we are only human.
No reason to stress over small stuff.
If you would like to know a little more
about me, you'll just have to ask me..
Yes, I love dolphins they are just amazing creatures.
Did you know that they are 1 of the only 3 mammals on
earth that have sex for pleasure?...

Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Friendship
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Special Someone
Although we are no longer together, he will always be my special someone. We have spent the last 13 years together. He has opened my eyes to alot of things also closed my heart to alot of things as well. I finally feel free of the cage I was trapped in for so long. I refuse to forget those years... hoping the memory keeps me for making the same mistakes. Part of me will always love you!

WOW! what to say... Other then this girl REALLY knows me .. like since I was 13.. WOW!!! The past 15 years.. haha She's the only one who could really get me into trouble HAHA .. I love ya girl!!
She's crazy special to me. The wacky blueberry in my fruit salad of life.. I love ya girl!!
This guy is amazing. I feel lucky to have had him in my life. When I really needed someone he was there for the reasons I needed him! He was a great friend!
This girl has been in my life for over a year now.. Sexy all around, A friend I will always hold dear to me !!
One of the most amazing people I know. Shes a friend i hold dear to me!
One of the most talented people I know. I'm glad I can call him a friend!
My Interests

fun, Friends, girls, guys, graphics, dolphins, computer, leo, witchcraft, nightlife, NV

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