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Age: 29
United States - WA
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i like to troll
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well since your here... uhhhh... here are some facts xD

happy cort = video games most from nintendo, some computer games like maple story lol, puppys! lots of puppys!, kiddie things, buddys, my amazing family, cute looking halloween things, christmas!, animals, nyan cat, tac nayn, some anime, some manga, king of the hill, American pickers, storage wars, true weird and freaky, fantasy, plushies, nice peoples, trolling peoples, protectors (lolz really *hides behind them* o-o ), my computer, fishing (no eat cuzz I don't kill things lolz), cooking, drawing, writing, cascade ice (no its not alcohol lolz), rice, stir fry, strange creatures, soft music that makes me sleepy, randomness, Jesus wooo~, dressing up avatars in costumes, movies, tv, little walks, mini cons, drawing, writing, hugs, and more stuff I currently can't think off.

sad/angry cort = skirts/dresses on me, my harsh illness I have, over loudness (like when the whole freaken area shakes), drug abuse eeewwww, racists, abuse, cruelty, lag lol, makeup on me (nail polish no count), very high detailed violence like guts swinging around for example wtf ew lol, pedos, people who keep doing things when they are told to stop over and over again cuzz they're little turds out of a donkey's *squeaky*, getting woken up, feeling unsafe, and i think that may be it.

other random facts~

#1 I'll be your best buddy if you treat and respect me right xD... but you can troll me if you want.
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cortpea has no special someone.

my specail someone is nyan cat! xDD
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