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♡ I don't have time to visit imvu - sorry. I try to reply to messages, give hearts to feed. However, I prefer to spend time with love in real life.
Friends? They are in my heart!

I am in love with one man in one real life..♡M♡

♡ Be aware that many people write to me about neon orders! I have a closed account - so don't ask me for anything - I'm sorry!
♡ However - quite recently I decided to make a second account - with my old nickname (I think many people associate it with ♥)
♡ I'm trying to start from the beginning, with new neon signs, paintings or other things! There I accept neon orders! Go ahead and write!
♡ Account: lCasii - link to my store: https://pl.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=273290978
♥ I only accept orders - on the second account - lCasii!
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