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Avatar since: 2006-07-24
Age: 30
United States - VA
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"Leave me a gift if you want to chat real soon :)"

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Hey ppl..Before you read about me, i would like to say that, i am LITERATE, but i'm too lazy to type full words(it's the internet). You will see many grammar errors on my page, but that doesnt mean, i don't know how to spell. Ok now to the incorrect grammar. MY NaME iS ida, iM 17 aNd 5' 7"Bday = june 17!!! i betta get lots of presents. aNd iM VERY Laid BaCK SO iF U NEEd a FRiENd iM HERE. aNd iF U dO ENd UP addiNG ME aNd U SEE i HaVE aPPROVEd U,BETTER GET Chatting OR MSGN ME COZ U WiLL BE dELETEd iN a week i HaTE WHEN PPL TRY TO aCT HaRd OR aRGUE W/ STRaNGERS ON the net iTS SO UNNECESaRY!!! i'M USUaLLY da SHY ONE WHEN i FiRST MEET PPL,BUT i SNaP OUT OF iT iMMEdiaTELY. BaSiCaLLY iM FUN TO BE aROUNd aNd i aM GOOd iN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORd,iM aLSO dat gurl who don't TaKE SHiT FROM NO1 SO iF YOU CaNT HaNdLE THaT THEN YOU aRE TaLKiNG 2 THE WRONG ONE. i aM REaL WiTH MiNES SO COME CORRECT. aNd ONE MORE THiNG iF U PSYCO <<--HOPE i SPELLEd it RiGHT GET OFF Ma page iN 5....4....3....2....1.U STiLL HERE? SiNCE U STaYEd i SENT a ViRUS TO Ya PC,,,U SHUd BE GETTiN iT SHORTLY..SiKE J/K..aNYWaYS iF U HaVE a PROBLEM WiT diS PaGE Ja LOG OFF imvu!!! OUT,PEaCE ida
[[[IMPORTANT]]] P.S. if u wana leave me a voice comment, feel free to do so, and my name is Ida(eye-da)..just dont leave me dumb comments coz u know i will DELETE them.. ight peace yall

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