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(bud) booty shark(bud) tie(bud) bearly radio(bud) white hair rave(bud) dazi ring(bud)brb bottle blue
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”╥”new rule dont invite me to a”me to change something im wearing
Relationship Status: Single
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cool Dangerous ROck Star Rocker Dude BLack Jacket-V- Tiger Body GATiger Rawr!!  BodysuitSamba Peacock BundleLash Symbiote Bundle
Venom Scorpion BundleSexy Batman BundleSexy SuperMan Bundle[CS] Venetian Warrior[SHA]Knife in my Stomach
[KAD]TrashPlats~V3~[KAD]TrashPlats~V1~|IGI| Classy Suit  v.2|IGI| Valentine Suit  1|IGI| Classy Suit  v.3
|IGI| Valentine Suit  3|IGI| Valentine Suit  2|IGI| Classy Suit  v.4Mens Full Purple SuitA.E! Full Outfit Elegant

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