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what head do u use?
i use KIRA & AIKO which are both in my shop *wink*

what eyes do u use?
i use eyes by capsule, caturrday & zephyr

i use my own eyebrows & eyebrows by bamahi :-)

can u make a skin for me?
i accept requests if they interest me personally but for anything exclusive you gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's hole

can u gift me?
look, i will if u tell me a really funny joke or an interesting fact. don't come at me with "i love ur products omg" i don't care, jessica. tell me something about possums or some shit

why did you ignore/ghost me?
so there could be a lot of reasons for this, but one of them is not because i dislike you or think you're annoying or anything - i'm on imvu quite infrequently unless it's to create, and so i don't really look at my messages an awful lot - so they're bound to fall through the cracks. another thing i want to add is that ultimately i have a litany of mental illnesses & am on a lot of medication that makes me sleepy and forgetful, so i forget a lot of stuff. i hope yall understand and if you need me i'm on discord under mai#2729


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