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As I sip my tea and relax on my porch, I enjoy the view of nature, and the humming of birds. The serene feeling reminds me of how loud, yet quiet nature can be. In this serene moment, thoughts of my desires, wishes and humanity, run through my head. Questioning things, drawing my conclusions, comparing the past to the future. What can be added, what needs not be changed. As I ponder these questions, I clear my mind and utter the word Kiss. Keep it simple stupid. A short phrase I learned to live by, and that Is how I see life. I see life as simple with some occasional bumps in the road, but once you remember those bumps, you learn not to hit them again. It is about learning and seeing things from every angle, viewing things in a dimensional or abstract format.

Have a passion for law and the arts, along with various types of music. Geeky when It comes to doing research or different topics, history, and theory. Freaky, because I cannot help but to dig my teeth and nails into my lover’s skin. A hippie, goth. who knows? I give up on the labels. Prefer not to be limited. Primarily vegetarian, but I do enjoy a good pizza. And do not forget the extra cheese. Overall am more of homebody. Give me a nice tv show and some snacks and am good.

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Psychology, crafting on and off imvu, katy perry, law, love, nature, neo-pagan, truth.linkin park.Ben

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