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this IS my reality.
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most missed, cant wait to chat with...
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(I) Glam Corset SLIM(I) Spotlight Fit SLIM(I) Summer Love SLIM(I) SunKissed Suit SLIMEB*FANCY DRESS-SLIM
[Anry] Bassy SlimSUNSET PARADISE(E)ShaduDragon: Hot Bar(E)Eclipse:Up Late BedFishnet Tights
[M]WHITE SEXY SHOES(E)Bionica Suit: PinkGothic Ornamental 2starburst fireplaceT3 LeatherBound Screen
T3 LeatherBnd 21Pose BarT3 LeatherBnd ComputerT3 LeatherBound 1PillarT3 LeatherBnd BlackJackspacer
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just to express how faithful i am to imvu...i was on so late the other night that in the morning i forgot something in the house after i already got in the car, so i turned around and went to the door...i pressed the door open button on my keychain and proceeded to kick the door when it would not open. if all you do is say lol when your ready to laugh, you ain't got nothin' on me.

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