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Naomi. 18. Australia
I haven’t done much with my life.
I disappoint most people, and do so regularly.
I say terrible jokes.
I play too much Solitaire and Guitar Hero.
I am not good with people.
I like to tap my fingers on things.
I like to go for walks and climb trees.
I feel bad when i’m talking to someone and say ‘I’ too much.
I spend too much time on the computer.
I am not cool enough for a Hiptop or iPhone.
I don’t have a working iPod.
I can do no handed headstands.
I work five jobs.
I will out-sleep you.
I don’t like sleeping alone.
I eye captain.
I Escape.
I like getting away
I like movies.
I have too many cans in my room.
I once stole a Captain Underpants book from a book fair in primary school.
I want someone to watch The Lion King with.
I sing and play bass
I like grammar and spelling.
I don’t like books.
I used to be able to draw.
I lie sometimes.
I hate repeating myself.
I don’t like repeating myself.


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