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Hi everyone. K, here's a bit about me. ************************************************* Favorite colors... in order from greatest to least: Emerald, Purple, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow ************************************************* Favorite type of food... in order: Japanese, Chinese/Korean, Italian, German, Spanish, American ************************************************* Favorite type of music: Japanese rock, Japanese pop, classical, Most asian music, American rock, Opera ************************************************* Most Hated Music: Country, Rap, Gosple ************************************************* Hobbies: All forms of art, Cooking, Studying Japanese Culture, "" Japanese Language, running, sewing, swimming, singing, skating, DOING RANDOM THINGS FOR NO REASON. ^-^ *************************************************

Cooking, designing clothes, despising this stupid auto correct tool on my intrests since it is not even properly auto correcting it, eventually finding my equal for a relationship, learning new languages, studying science such as astronomy
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