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Age: 23
United States - TX
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RIP Bruno.
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Special Someone
Only knew her for a few months but felt like I know her for years. She someone I love very much and look up to be independent. Mel is funny, sassy, strong and sessy. <3
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H! Choker Witch V.1Osland GreenH! Spike Choker v.2H! ◄Bad Girl►H! Shirt Add .MV2
S. NO ANGLE BOOTS 2H! B💀ckp💀ckH! Immortal .Skirt .RLLV gothic night weddingUkyo White
Sexy Girl DivaH! Spike Mask V.1kuromi necklace! Kids High Top ConverseScene hair yogurt c.
H! Busty V.1F|Bingbing Fan 21 Gingerx Cold Girl - Finy MHBlack Nails and RingsB | Kim Possible Crop!
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