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Sis Luna: She's so special to me, together we have been thru many ups and downs in life. We always pick each other up...I look up to her, she is a strong beautiful person. She is always her real crazy self and I love it, she lets no one break that lovely soul of hers.
My sister forever. ♥ Love you Sis.

Chola Dee: My crazy chola always keeps me laughing until my stomach hurts LOL... Am blessed to have someone as real as her, I can always count on her to be there for me especially at my worst she takes care of my soul. And that means the world to me. Always there for each other no matter what.
♥ Love you my Chola.

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Twinny Kat: I am sure that if life was our way we would have been rl twins, am lucky to have her in my life. We have so much in common its crazy! She always looks out for me and I will always love and cherish her for that. ♥ Love you Twinny.

EvilJen: My Evil Jenff I thank life I met you, you are so special to me I don't have enough words to say how much I cherish you my Jenff your friendship means so much to me. Idk what I would do without you...*farts* lmfao! ♥Loves you Jenff.

Mijo Mark: The BEST son everrrr!!! My mijo culero mocoso! I found him wandering around the carrito de elotes and had to keep him! xD I am happy af to be your madre culera!! LMFAO! Keeps me laughing all day and is always there for me no matter what life brings that means the world to me. ♥Loves you Mijo.

Daddy Jugo: lmfao@jugo! My Daddy Querido, always looking out for me. Such a genuine loving person. Funny af! payaso lol hes someone who I can also always count on no matter what. No matter what life brings he is there for me always cheers me up, reminds me my worth, and keeps shit magical af! lmao!♥Loves you Daddy.

Bbg Kas: My bbg and long time friend... loves her bunches super sweet and caring. I will always be there for her no matter what we can count on each other. ♥Loves you my bbg.

Twinners Dre: This one isn't around as much anymore but every now and then we check up on each other bc no matter how busy life gets we cherish each others friendship and look for advice to each other from our own experiences. ♥ Loves you Twinners.

Niecey Sky: My niecey is always so sweet and I am her one and only favorite aunt of course :) lol she's super sweet has a lovely heart and stays positive no matter what she goes thru I love that.
♥ Love you Niecey.


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