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Hello, My name is Tyler. I havent logged in since 2008, and Im trying to see if I can get back into
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Relationships
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.:MB:.Be My Black Hair.:MB:.Cool Black Hair-KZM-Hot Purple Hoody.:MB:.Cool EMO Black 1[E] Plump Scarf
[E]-LeaTher style Black-[xP] RockeR XxX Pants ~!Zei! Fatasy Hair bangs2G13 Black Body flame!*BloodSplat-v3
!RB!Mizuko Jet[Kei]AndySixx ScarEvL' The Hundreds Jeans~ Natural (Dark)[DK]NeonPanda Goggles
[KZ*pink skull headphonespacerspacerspacerspacer
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