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welcome to my HP come in take a load off have a seat look around then get the hell out😊😊

Not Much about me, i'm very down to earth u think why df am i on imvu then lol.Everyone has a story,but u have to get to know me before you can learn mine.

I don't have many friends only a hand full. Truth of the matter is most people do not like me and i don't like them.But i can say this, the ones i do call my friends mean everything to me and they have my complete loyalty, and honesty.If your looking for a feed friend or a friend to agree with ur every word then dont look my way cause i'm not a yes girl. I love women with their own mind n opinions,if you are gonna agree with everything i say and do then you are more my enemy than my friend

The man i Love is my Husband. He has taken my heart and i had to take his last name.Yes hes not the easiest man to get along with but thats what makes me love him. He is funny,Smart,chilled,Loyal,Honest And TAKEN!! So enough about him. I don't need the thirstys to start wondering and then imma have to catch a case💜💜..

Faqs about me Question am i a female..Yes i Am ..Am i Stuck up NO i'm not but i know my worth so take that as u will. My age, Im old enough to be your daughter,mother.sister.aunt.cousin,girl, grandkid,LMAO... ANYTHING else u wanna know bout me just inbox me ciao
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