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First thing to know about me is, I hate people who have to lie, deceive, play head games & whatever else people do to play with people. I have no time for people like that & I will delete you so fast your head will spin once I find out you've been playing me false. Either be straight with me or stay the heck away from me, for you won't get any second chances with me. I love my real life family, they are who will always come first with me. Then my imvu family I'm creating on here, my coven family, Ruby, Ash, my mother, Auntie Nef, my bestie, My Sisters, Candi, Sin, & my brother, Sethy. His daughter & my niece, Sera. My good friends: Chrissi, DJ. Then there is my boo, 1KeianaFireStoneWC and our girl's Dani and Lexi.
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