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Contritionem praecedit superbia et ante ruinam exaltatur spiritus.

RL is quite demanding lately, so as you probably know by now I am not on very often. I still try to derive silly things every now and then to keep my account alive. I'm not sure when I'll be able to do really serious projects. My apologies to anyone who tries to contact me and I take forever to reply.

Ah, and if you expect an answer from me, for crying out loud, make sure you DON'T have your account set to ONLY receive messages from your buddies. The system won't allow me to send any replies, AT ALL, to you if that's the case. This has happened quite a few times already.

NOTE 7/7/17: As you may know, the once go-to place for image storage and hotlinking, Photobucket, has finally made all us freeloaders using it for the past decade "an offer we cannot refuse." Without even an e-mail warning, it has become a pay-only service for hotlinking, and all images have been substituted by a placeholder ad asking us to "upgrade" if we want to restore previously free functionality. That translates to $300+ dollars per year per person. Many people, like me, with hundreds of products in the catalog, some people with thousands, have seen their product presentations go from glam to garish in the blink of an eye. That means "bye-bye" Photobucket, hello alternative still-free image sharing services.

I will try to restore as many of the presentations as possible, but not all. That means, I will focus on those products that still sell and my so-called "collections." It is a time-consuming, repetitive, effort and will render my developing here from the near zero that it is into the negative. Still, I don't want my catalog to look like it has been abandoned.

Special Someone

The following videos are from the various fashion shows Cym has organized with Canael.

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