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So yeah, for those that wish to talk to me, I'm not online too much right now cuz I'm busy with school, but I'm checking my messages quite constantly so leave one if you really wish to chat and I'll try to catch you online. Also, don't ask me to add you if you have no intention of talking to me. And one more thing, if I'm in DND or Buddies Only mode, it's not cuz I hate you. I am very rarely in the "available" mode simply because I get too many invites at once. Tell me you want to talk and I'll add you. =)
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assemblage24 credit sales

My wishlist is more of a shopping list for me, but there's almost always something in it, and gifts are still highly appreciated. ^^
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If you're looking for something to do: See some Legendary Frog movies! ...I recommend them! There are spoofs on FF and the Matrix and LotR. I suggest the "All About Random Battles" one.

fantasy, anime, dragons, writing, Art, Drawing, music, Vampires, blood, animals, poetry, books, furries, reading, Emilie Autumn
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