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Special Someone
Whooplz has no special someone.
The universe surprised me with meeting you. Crash landing, face first, "Holy Christ what just happened" kinda deal.
To My little, I never thought I could find so much comfort and understanding in someone after such a traumatic and heart wrenching adjustment to my daily.
I cannot thank you enough for the long sleepless nights talking and your compassion in reminding me that people Do care enough to effort on my behalf.
You've regained a bit of hope I've lost in humanity.
Everyday you become more special to Me. ~Sir

Forever tattooed on My Flesh and Carved into My Heart.
You'll never know the lengths I was willing to go to keep what we had.. in the end it was our mental health that was more important.
Don't Ever think that I didn't try, I gave it My All.

My Darling Daughter ♥
You'll always have a special place in my heart xo
Miss you to the moon and back my little tater-tot ♥ ~Daddi

Best friend on vu and irl for over 12 years.
Thanks for always being there. Love you bro ♥


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