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Tartza is just uber fantastic. She's like a big sister to me ^^ She always gives me advice and helps me out with everything.. We both hunt for products :p It's like our favourite thing to do. She's a great designer too x] I love her so much.
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☩ IVORY. Rosev.h Hot Colorsv.h Hot Neonsun top$K Rosalind Pink
$K Rosalind BlackHappy PrideMy Hair Irl$K Victoria MineTongue Mask
fang mask$K Sucker! S$K Hearty AntennaeSUMMERm i n e
Cute Sweater ♥Ahe Mask V1 ♥*MD*Shawna|Lavender[Is] Nails French StyleHand Scaler 65%
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MolotovCupcake Cult

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| The Decaying Dollhouse |

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Rawrr! Avi Pics & More ^^

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Nothin' but Static

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-A r t g a s m i c-

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For Evermore Layouts

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Bumping Up Avi DP Pics!

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Graphic arts and requests group

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Garnet | Layouts shop

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Tinas Art

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Trash Chicken [Art group]

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† Rebel Ink †

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