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My Badges
I have decided to post information and rules regarding buying my
Badges and Badge V.I.P.

Understanding My Badge Titles
[DN] = Donation. That means the badge is NOT MADE YET. Badges in this phase are half the price of made badges.
[PRE] = Pre-sale. This badge is NOT YET MADE, but will be made during the NEXT BADGE SALE.
[C] = Collab. I only own part of the badge, there will be information on the product page of these stickers as of where to buy the other part(s).
[EX] = Exclusive. This means the badge is only available to my friends or Badge V.I.P.
[R] = Retired. This badge can not be bought, nor will it be available to any one who buys my Badge V.I.P after it's been retired.

Badge & Badge V.I.P Information / Rules
My badges ARE gift & receive while in DONATION. Once made this no longer applies.
The Badge V.I.P is for badges I make on my WebWeaver account only.
If your account gets disabled for longer than 14 days by IMVU or by yourself the V.I.P will end.
I MAY transfer it to another account owned by you but I will require proof and it will only be once.
You will be notified when your Badge V.I.P is about to expire and offered the chance to renew.

Get this badge Always Mine
Get this badge Asexual Pride | Asexuals give no f*cks.
Get this badge Bubble Tea 1 | Life is a ParTea.
Get this badge Bubble Tea 2 | Life is a ParTea.
Get this badge Eyelas Kiss | My biggest fear about becoming a zombie is all the walking Id have to do.
Get this badge Lick It | I licked it so its mine.
Get this badge Mr Spod | Seeing a spider isnt the biggest problem, its when it disappears.
Get this badge My World 1 | I would show you my world, but Im sure you own a mirror.
Get this badge My World 2 | I would show you my world, but Im sure you own a mirror.
Get this badge Over My Dead Body | She said "Over my dead body!" so I took her at her word.
Get this badge Pansexual Pride | More PAN than Peter and twice as magical.
Get this badge Shop Meeeeeeee | Check out my shop.
Get this badge snOH NOman | Some people are worth melting for.
Get this badge Splat 2 | Why have a snowball fight when you can have a snowball ambush?
Get this badge Splat 3 | Why have a snowball fight when you can have a snowball ambush?
Get this badge We Stand Together | Stronger when we stand side by side.
Get this badge Wipe It | Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere.
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