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"Sometimes you have to forget what you feel,

and remember what you deserve"

Live with No Excuses,

Love with No Regrets!!!!

About Me

I Belong to "sYdonai" Family, although we are not blood related,
there are millions of things that binds us together.
I got the privilege to have crossed paths with good people,
but AMAZING people are those who form part of this beautiful FamiLy.
You name it, we got it!!! Wise, Open minded, drunkies, Junkies,
Wonderful, and very Lovable environment.
We are together, through tick and thin...
all tho some have retired, but they are still in our hearts.
We respect each other, know each other,
and Love one another for who we are.
I can go on, and on talking about my beautiful family,
Because them is who I am, and for them, is why I will remain here.


Friends will remain anonymous,
since I hate them being stalked!!
But this sections is dedicated to those
who had shared with me part of their
Life, laughter, joy, happiness, special moments,
or even hard times we've shared together,
tears, words, or even just the presence of being there for each other..
You have made my life better, and in someway you have left
footprint in my walk through life..

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!!

"Good friends are like stars...
You don't see them, but you know they're there."


"Once in a while,
right in the middle of an ordinary day,
Love gives us a fairy-Tale"


:: Art ::




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