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Just finishing up some peer review
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I gift my "T" badge to those who gift or purchase my products for themselves. I would write people in the past but the PM's from angry girlfriends/wives of people wondering why I was on their boyfriends/husbands pages required me to stop. :)

I really appreciate those who think the products I've created for myself or others is good enough to want for their very own so a great big "thank you" to those who help to support my hobby. I love making things for others and learning new skills.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Let me know and if I think I can do the texture justice I'll try to make it.

Good video for people to learn how to follow the product chain to check and see if they are getting the best price in case you've run into one of those products where no textures were changed but the person just increased the price.

My Alien Octopus avi.

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!T! Realistic HD E539 FV| Hela TopV| Hela LeggingsV| Hela BootsV| Hela Crown
V| Prema IceDivaK|DarkRedGlitterHeelsK|RomanticRedFancyDressK|RLB*CutoutRedGlterDres[Ry] Boho d green
[Ry] Seline Purple2[Ry] Vi Mille Brownspacerspacerspacer
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