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For the next 10 people who purchase a product and leave a review I will gift my new shirt that I made "spread the love not the virus". 0/10

Between projects and have time to chat or rp again.

Just keep in mind I enjoy story driven rp's where you get to grow and develop a character so it's more of an exercise in writing instead of...cyber.

Did you know...

Half the reason why people can't find products in the catalogue is because users who purchase products don't leave reviews?! Each time there is a positive review the product moves up slightly so to find those products you like make sure after purchasing them you leave a positive review or it just stays buried.

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My "T" - thank you badge is only for those who have purchased or gifted my products. A great big thank you to those who help to support my hobby and my apologies if my gifting it has caused any inconvenience. If you wish for it to be revoked/removed but don't know how just let me know and I can do it for you.

I try to stay off of home pages as the number of angry emails from girlfriends & wives wondering why I was on person"x's" page just wasn't worth the time to answer the hate mail. I hate causing misunderstandings so no longer writing people back and going on their page seemed the best way. ;)

Don't know how to move your furniture between nodes or turn them around? Just go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjIunCr5KuQ.

Did you purchase a dance? Want to see the same node on a different dance? Let me know which dance and if it's open to create from I can have it done most times within an hour or the next day depending on how quickly it passes peer review!

I love making things for others so if you want something I've already done textured differently (colour, style, etc.) just make the request. I don't make the meshes myself and have to work off of a preexisting one or find someone to make it for me. I tend to work on: fantasy, bling, eyes and some hair but mainly accessories as they can be used for both male and female avi's. Just remember though if you send me a request but I can't write back to you I'm unable to proceed with the request as I can't talk to you to see what you want.

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The video below pretty much sums up why I'm so easy with people just walking out of my life online.


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